4-Station Tower UF-T001 - UpForm

Producer: UpForm
Product code: UF-T001-k2t4
4-Station Tower UF-T001 - UpForm
4-Station Tower UF-T001 - UpForm
4-Station Tower UF-T001 - UpForm
4-Station Tower UF-T001 - UpForm
Adjustable Cable Column UF-001 - UpForm
Cable Column UF-002 - UpForm
Lat Pulldown UF-003 - UpForm
Low Row UF-004 - UpForm
Quadruple Connector UF-015 - UpForm
Connector UF-016 - UpForm
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In a set

If you are looking for absolutely uncompromising solutions, you need professional equipment that will meet the most exorbitant requirements, and at the same time does not cost a fortune, then our offer is addressed to you!

Set composition:

  • 1 x Height-adjustable gate station UF-001
  • 1 x Up-and-down gantry station UF-002
  • 1 x Overhead lift UF-003 (with bar)
  • 1 x Bottom lift with swivel wheel UF-004
  • 1 x Top link (4 stations) UF-015
  • 8 x Connector with logo UF-016

The handles shown in the photos are not part of the set.

The UF-T001 tower allows up to four people to train simultaneously. Thanks to the well-thought-out design, the right gears and the size of the stacks, both a beginner and an advanced user can train on the tower.

The UpForm brand is a system solution aimed at commercial gyms and fitness clubs. Thanks to its modular design, UpForm equipment can be configured according to individual needs and capabilities.

Why is it worth choosing UpForm brand equipment in particular?

Steel stack

The stack for UpForm stations was made using the latest machining technologies.

The gantry station stack consists of 12 or 16 bars, each weighing 7.5 kg.

The 90 kg stacks have an additional half bar weighing 3.75 kg and a special holder for its storage.

Each bar has a sticker indicating the total weight in kilograms and pounds.

The handle of the stack adjustment shuffle is made of aluminum, the shuffle itself is secured by a spiral cable.

Perforated upholstery

The perforated upholstery provides adequate ventilation and moisture wicking, keeping your upholstery dry longer during your workout.

Adjustable handle height

Adjusting the position of the handles allows you to perform many more exercises than on a machine with a traditional design.

The adjustment is made using a practical spring-loaded pin. Thanks to it, you gain previously unattainable comfort and simplicity of adjustment.

For maximum convenience, each level has a numerical marking on the bar.

Why UpForm?

The UpForm brand is the world's first modular system of multi-station training towers designed for fitness clubs, hotels and the most demanding home users. It consists of more than a dozen exercise stations that allow any configuration, so we can build a device perfectly suited to the needs of exercisers and the size of the premises.

Among the stations, you will find both those that allow you to perform a full weight training, as well as modules designed for functional training.

Technical data
100 x 60 x 3 mm,
pipe 60,3 x 3,2 mm,
pipe 76,1 x 3,2 mm
Type of weights
weight stack
192 cm
227 cm
348 cm
794 kg
Adjustable Cable Column UF-001
Height: 220 cm,
Width: 65 cm,
Length: 76 cm,
Weight: 173 kg,
Stack: 12 x 7,5 kg, 1 x 3,75 kg,
Transmission ratio: 2:1,
Maximum load: 93,75 kg
Cable Column UF-002 - UpForm
Height: 2148 mm,
Width: 654 mm,
Length: 689 mm,
Weight: 169 kg,
Stack: 12 x 7,5 kg, 1 x 3,75 kg,
Transmission ratio: 2:1,
Maximum load: 93,75 kg
Lat Pulldown UF-003 - UpForm
Height: 2269 mm,
Width: 1214 mm,
Length: 1134 mm,
Weight: 223 kg,
Stack: 16 x 7,5 kg,
Transmission ratio: 1:1,
Maximum load: 120 kg
Low Row UF-004 - UpForm
Height: 2033 mm,
Width: 654 mm,
Length: 1900 mm,
Weight: 223 kg,
Stack: 16 x 7,5 kg,
Transmission ratio: 1:1,
Maximum load: 120 kg
Quadruple Connector UF-015 - UpForm
Height: 30 mm,
Width: 505 mm,
Length: 505 mm,
Weight: 4 kg
Connector UF-016
Height: 76 mm,
Width: 76 mm,
Length: 120 mm,
Weight: 1 kg
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