Adjustable Cable Column UF-001 - UpForm

Producer: UpForm
Product code: UF-001
Adjustable Cable Column UF-001 - UpForm
Adjustable Cable Column UF-001 - UpForm
Adjustable Cable Column UF-001 - UpForm
Adjustable Cable Column UF-001 - UpForm
Adjustable Cable Column UF-001 - UpForm
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Cable crossover UF-T008 - UpForm

The UF-001 height-adjustable gantry station is part of the UpForm professional modular system, which allows you to train all muscle parts at any level of exerciser.


The handles shown in the photos are not included.

NOTE: In cases where the UF-001 will be used as a standalone, free-standing machine (without connection with other equipment from the F-LINE series) to obtain full stability of the structure it is necessary to anchor it to the ground, using the appropriate fixing pins for the surface.

The UpForm brand is a system solution aimed at commercial gyms and fitness clubs. Thanks to its modular design, UpForm equipment can be configured according to individual needs and capabilities.

90 kg stack

The gantry station stack consists of 12 bars, each weighing 7.5 kg.

Each bar has a sticker indicating the total weight in kilograms and pounds.

The handle of the stake adjustment rod is made of aluminum, the rod itself is secured by a spiral cable.

Height adjustment of the handles

The UF-001 gantry station is equipped with a system for adjusting the position of the handles, which allows you to perform many more exercises than on a machine with a traditional design.

The adjustment is carried out using a practical spring pin. Thanks to it, you gain previously unattainable comfort and simplicity of adjustment.

For maximum convenience, each level has a numerical marking on the guide.

We hid all the casters under metal grilles with the UpForm logo. The black lagged cables are finished with a solid allen screw clamp and cushioned by a rubber bumper.

Half bar 3.75 kg

The half bar allows you to reduce the load adjustment stroke from 7.5 kg to 3.75 kg. This will allow you to achieve even greater precision when selecting your training intensity level.

The 3.75 kg bar has a special holder on the frame of the device for its storage.

Technical data
220 cm
65 cm
76 cm
173 kg
12 x 7,5 kg,
1 x 3,75 kg
Transmission ratio
Maximum load
93,75 kg
100 x 60 x 3 mm,
pipe 60,3 x 3,2 mm,
pipe 76,1 x 3,2 mm
Frame color
Type of weights
weight stack