1. What are the opening times of the customer service of the online shop ?

Marbo Sport customer service is available Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. You can contact us by chat on our website or by email. Customer service will answer your message as soon as possible - within 24 hours on working days.

2. How can I place my order in the online shop ? / How can I order online?

You can shop online on our website.

Add all products to the shopping cart and complete the ordering process. Online shopping is also possible after consulting the sales department. If you would like to place an order by e-mail, send a message directly to us by e-mail with the contents of the shopping cart and all the data required for shipping and processing the order.

3. How much does delivery cost? Is free delivery possible?

The shipping costs are calculated automatically by the system after the selected products are placed in the shopping cart.

4. When does the order fulfillment time start? / From when is the order fulfillment time counted?

The order fulfillment time is counted in working days. The order fulfillment time depends on the availability of the selected product, which is indicated on the product page and updated regularly. In the shopping cart and during the finalization of the order process, information about the planned date of the order fulfillment time of your order is also displayed. Orders placed after 4:00 p.m. will start to be executed on the next working day. Orders placed on Friday after 4:00 p.m. as well as on weekends and public holidays will be processed from the next working day.

5. I am not receiving order fulfillment notifications - why? / I have not received an order confirmation.

If you have not received any messages about your order, i.e. an email with information about the order process or the order number, first check your spam folder. If you don't have the message, please make sure the email address you provided when ordering is correct. You can check this by contacting us using the contact form or by sending a message to the e-mail address given on the contact page. In the message, please provide the personal details with which your order was placed and the approximate time of your order being finalized.

If you have already received an order confirmation email and do not have any further information on the current order status, you can do this in the user area on the website of our shop at www / client-orders.php

6. What does the order processing look like and its status, what does the order status "in progress" mean?

After finalizing your order, you will receive an email from us with the order confirmation. From this point on, the order status changes to "in progress", which means that the products are being prepared for shipping. As soon as your order is ready for dispatch and has been forwarded for dispatch, the tracking number will be sent to you by email for tracking purposes. Then the order status changes to "send".

7. Do I get a tracking number for my package? / How can I check the shipping status of my package?

We will email you a tracking number after your order has shipped. The same message also contains information about the tracking of your package (s).

8. How do I get the invoice?

We do not print invoices. We will send the sales receipt by email in electronic form on the same day that the package with your order is sent to you.

9. I have already placed an order and have reordered other products - two orders have the same order status, can they be combined and shipped together?

If the orders are not placed on the same day / within a few hours, they will be treated as separate orders and therefore processed separately. In this case

10. Will I be informed about the planned delivery time of the package? / Can I get in touch with the courier?

The delivery times for parcels are determined by the shipping service provider. We have no influence on these dates and we do not have the contact details for parcel deliverers. After we have dispatched the order, the courier service will inform you of the planned delivery date. You will also receive email and SMS notifications with delivery information from the shipping service provider. These messages often contain a time window for the planned delivery and the telephone number of the parcel deliverer.

11. Can I determine the planned delivery time myself?

Unfortunately it is not possible to determine the desired delivery time of the package yourself when ordering. The delivery times depend on the working hours of the courier company and the delivery schedules in the individual regions. After we have dispatched the order, the courier service will inform you of the planned delivery date. The courier company will also send you email and SMS notifications with delivery information. These messages often contain a time window for the planned delivery and the telephone number of the parcel deliverer.

12. Can I find my paper invoice in my package?

The VAT invoice will only be sent in electronic form on the day the goods are dispatched. Your VAT invoice will be sent to the email address provided when you finalized your order.

13. Can I add or order something to an order that is already in progress?

If you have placed an order and it has the status "in process", it is no loneng possible to add further products to this order. In this case, you can order the desired products separately (orders are processed separately) or cancel the first order and place another order for all the products you want to order.

14. I only received one of several packages - what should I do?

If several parcels have been sent to you within one order and the number cannot be correct after the first delivery, wait until the next working day. It is very possible that the parcels were separated during transport and the missing parcel will be delivered to you the next day by the parcel delivery company.

15. How can I submit a complaint?

If you have technical problems with the products, missing elements or any other inconvenience with regard to the goods received - our service and complaints department will be happy to help you. Contact us by sending a message with a description of the complaint to the e-mail address provided on the contact page .