Smith machine with pull-up bar and dip handrails MS-U105 2.0 - Marbo Sport

Producer: Marbo Sport
Product code: MS-U105 2.0
Smith machine with pull-up bar and dip handrails MS-U105 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Smith machine with pull-up bar and dip handrails MS-U105 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Smith machine with pull-up bar and dip handrails MS-U105 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Smith machine with pull-up bar and dip handrails MS-U105 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Smith machine with pull-up bar and dip handrails MS-U105 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Smith machine with pull-up bar and dip handrails MS-U105 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Smith machine with pull-up bar and dip handrails MS-U105 2.0 - Marbo Sport
MS-U105 2.0
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Smith machine with pull-up bar and handrails for dips MS-U105 2.0 by Marbo Sport is a multifunctional design that allows you to perform a comprehensive strength training.

The device will be perfect for:

  • training the upper and lower muscles on a vertical Smith crane
  • training with barbells
  • training with the use of own body weight

MS-U105 2.0 from Marbo Sport is a product that both beginners and experienced strength training enthusiasts will appreciate.

Smith machine

Utilizing free weight, this design is a combination of a barbell and a double vertical crane. High-quality slides ensure smooth movement during exercise, and specially designed catches give you the ability to easily put the weight down at one of 13 height levels - just rotate your wrist to lock the barbell.

The MS-U105 2.0 slides are protected by bumpers, which protect the slider from damage if the barbell is dropped without locking it first.

The Smith machine will find its use in a wide range of both upper and lower muscle exercises.

Pull-up bar

Pull-up bar is one of the most popular and effective forms of training, allowing you to effectively improve strength, endurance and increase muscle mass. The MS-U105 2.0 bar is designed to give the exerciser a variety of grips: narrow, wide, straight, oblique, etc.

Holes have been placed in the base of the MS-U105 2.0 design, allowing it to be fixed to the ground, thus improving stability and increasing safety even during very intense training.

The method of anchoring should be selected individually, taking into account the type of substrate and the use of the product.

Handrails for dips

Adjustable handrails for dips with is an ideal solution for those who want to vary the sophistication when performing push-ups on the handrails.

The handrails can be set at two heights - a higher one to increase the difficulty of the exercise and a lower one for training push-ups in forward support.

In addition, they have a 3-way adjustable spacing, so you can adjust them to suit your individual training preferences.

Load storage bars

Two bars allow you to conveniently store the weight plates - so that they are safe and easily accessible during your workout.

Additional belay handles for traditional barbells

With adjustable belay handles that can be set to as many as 11 height levels, the MS-U105 2.0 allows you to perform strength training with a traditional barbell.

This functionality gives you great training possibilities, for example, it knocks down to practice squats with a barbell. Adding a bench to MS-U105 2.0 we get a set that can be successfully used for chest training.

Semi-Pro 2.0 series - a new generation of bestsellers

Semi-Pro 2.0 is Marbo Sport's new series of equipment and accessories designed for advanced home users.

This is the new edition of the cult Semi-Pro series, in a refreshed and improved version. The well-known quality, ergonomics and stability have been given a new design. Elegant black upholstery combined with subtle details in silver and steel tones and a discreet logo are the essence of modern style.

The machines make a great impression and look extremely professional - they are even more stable, safer and more ergonomic.

The wide range of equipment includes equipment for strength and endurance exercises, with and without weight, shaping various muscle parts. The machines provide precise and wide range of adjustment. This allows you to fit them to the training needs of each user.

The equipment can be easily combined with each other - so as to create compact and complete sets for professional exercises. This is an excellent choice for those who do more intensive and advanced training on a daily basis.

Technical data
122 cm
MS-U105 2.0
196 cm
212 cm
50 x 50 x 2 mm
62 kg
Maximum load
300 kg
The lenght of the barbbell
196 cm
Diameter of the dumbbell bar
28 mm
Waga gryfu
13 kg
powder coating
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