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Biceps Curl MF-U008 2.0 - Marbo Sport

Producer: Marbo Sport
Product code: MF-U008_2.0-k2t4
Biceps Curl MF-U008 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Biceps Curl MF-U008 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Biceps Curl MF-U008 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Biceps Curl MF-U008 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Biceps Curl MF-U008 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Biceps Curl MF-U008 2.0 - Marbo Sport
2 162,00 €
2 162,00 €
  • Warranty Full Commercial 24 mos.
    Home warranty - 2 years
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    Light Commercial Warranty - 2 years
    The Light Commercial warranty covers devices operating in small hotels, rehabilitation clinics, health centres, etc. The maximum working time is 4 hours per day.
    Full Commercial Warranty - 2 years
    Full Commercial warranty covers devices working in gyms, schools, etc. If properly maintained, the maximum operating time is 12 hours per day.
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  • Quality for 40 years

The free weight machine for the biceps muscle of the shoulders is an ideal solution for any professional gym. On this device your clients will be able to train the biceps muscles of the shoulders, with full safety of the exerciser. The machine is equipped with an adjustable seat, which allows you to easily adapt the device to your height. Thanks to an innovative actuator system, you can adjust the height of the seat without lowering the machine. The machine is equipped with armrests that lock your arms while lifting and lowering the weight. Such a solution provides the best stability and safety when training the biceps muscles, even with a maximum load.

Seat adjustment system

The MF-U008 2.0 machine has as many as five degrees of seat height adjustment, so that each user will adjust it to his height. The seat adjustment is based on cylinders, so you don't have to get down from the machine to make adjustments.

Polyamide-coated load sleeves

The machine is equipped with polyamide-coated load bushings. The use of polyamide makes the bushings resistant to scratches and mechanical damage, even during frequent insertion and removal of loads. You can store free weights on them, so you do not need to invest in an additional rack, save space and money. The sleeves are designed for Olympic loads with a hole diameter fi50 mm.

Reinforced upholstery

The upholstery has double reinforcement on each edge of the upholstered element. We managed to achieve this by using thick, strong Coats core thread in combination with durable synthetic leather. The upholstery has been encased by covers made of durable plastic in black. They protect the upholstery from damage and give the device an extraordinary modern design.

Leveling feet

The stability of the machine depends on its correct positioning. For this purpose, you have up to four leveling feet, thanks to which you can perfectly level the whole device. The front foot has a pad made of thick rubber, which prevents the machine from moving during training and protects the floor from damage.

Free Weight line - free weight gym

Marbo Free Weight series is a commercial free weight equipment, designed for professional bodybuilders who value comfort and confidence in their exercises.

The equipment in this series is characterized by construction based on durable 100 x 50 mm and 100 x 40 mm profiles with a wall thickness of 3 mm. Eye-pleasing curves have been incorporated into the design of each structure, which, combined with rounded upholstery, make the appearance of the Free Weight series equipment attractive and modern. This equipment will be the ornament of any professional gym!

To ensure the safety of your customers, our equipment has been tested for safety and compliance with current standards by the European Quality Center.

The result of these tests, are the Safety Certificate and Top Security Certificate, which we have received for the equipment in the Free Weight line.

Technical data
136 cm
153 cm
116 cm
92 kg
Maximum load
400 kg
Place for weights
diameter 50 mm
Occupied area
1,78 m2
100 x 50 x 3 mm
Type of weights
for free weight
Upholstery Color
Frame color
Marbo Sport

Marbo was founded over 40 years ago in Starachowice. We started with the production of simple equipment for home gyms, to constantly increase the range and quality of products together with the experience gained. Today we are the leading manufacturer of bodybuilding equipment in Poland, offering world-class equipment. We have built a brand and gained experience that obliges.

Bodybuilding is our passion, and by combining it with modern machinery, we are able to provide the highest quality equipment, made with attention to detail, and above all with your comfort and safety in mind.

The company is based in Starachowice in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. This is where the office, production and warehouse halls are located. It is a base from which all forms of online sales and contact with customers are controlled, from which shipments for individual customers and partner stores are carried out. On the company's map, all roads start from Starachowice.