Double-sided bench MS-L101 2.0 - Marbo Sport

Producer: Marbo Sport
Product code: MS-L101 2.0
Double-sided bench MS-L101 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Double-sided bench MS-L101 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Double-sided bench MS-L101 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Double-sided bench MS-L101 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Double-sided bench MS-L101 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Double-sided bench MS-L101 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Double-sided bench MS-L101 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Double-sided bench MS-L101 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Double-sided bench MS-L101 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Double-sided bench MS-L101 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Double-sided bench MS-L101 2.0 - Marbo Sport
MS-L101 2.0
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The MS-L101 2.0 double-sided bench from Marbo Sport will allow you to perform a wide range of exercises with barbells, dumbbells and without weight - including abdominal muscle training.

Improved version of the iconic bench MS-L101 is the basis of equipment for your private gym.

The wide range of adjustments will give you full control over the position in which you train. You will also be able to adjust the bench setting to suit your level of proficiency or the type of exercises you perform.

The bench is characterized by:

  • high quality workmanship – solid steel profiles create a structure that can withstand heavy loads (up to 300 kg);
  • adjustable seat and backrest – negative angles are also available, which allows you to control the involvement of individual muscle parts during repetitions;
  • adjustable footrest with leg locks, which provide comfort and stability during abdominal muscle exercises, among other things.

MS-L101 2.0 is a versatile design that will become a base for strength and endurance exercises.

Adjustable support and seat

As many as 10 backrest positions (from-21° to 82°) and 3 seat positions (0°, 14°, 26°). Set the optimum angle while exercising to achieve even better results.

Setting the bench at a precisely chosen angle will ensure maximum involvement of the relevant parts of the chest or abdominal muscles. It will also contribute to the safety and comfort of training with dumbbells, barbells or no-load.

Changing the angle, for example, when pressing barbells or performing stretches, allows you to increase the intensity of muscle work. It also helps to adjust the training to the exerciser's current condition and level.

This bench also allows you to set a negative angle, which is important especially for advanced training of upper chest muscles and arm muscles such as biceps and triceps.

High-quality eco-leather upholstery

Black upholstery adds elegance to the bench - the device looks great in any workout space.

Reinforced with a belt with the manufacturer's logo, the covering does not rub off even with intensive use. Thanks to this, the bench looks like new for a long time.

Adjustable leg lock, covered with EVA foam

Adjustable leg lock makes you adjust the MS-L101 2.0 bench to your height. Thus, you will ensure an ergonomic position while performing repetitions.

Thanks to the leg locks on the bench, you can perform abdominal muscle exercises, such as bends.

Covering the locking rollers with soft EVA foam is a guarantee that you won't experience chafing of your legs even with frequent use.

Rubber feet

Thanks to the rubber feet, you can be sure that the bench won't scratch the floor - whether you set it on parquet, tile or carpet. They also provide additional stability - the structure will not start to shift during your workout.

Semi-Pro 2.0 series - a new generation of bestsellers

Semi-Pro 2.0 is Marbo Sport's new series of equipment and accessories designed for advanced home users.

This is the new edition of the cult Semi-Pro series, in a refreshed and improved version. The well-known quality, ergonomics and stability have been given a new design. Elegant black upholstery combined with subtle details in silver and steel tones and a discreet logo are the essence of modern style.

The machines make a great impression and look extremely professional - they are even more stable, safer and more ergonomic.

The wide range of equipment includes equipment for strength and endurance exercises, with and without weight, shaping various muscle parts. The machines provide precise and wide range of adjustment. This allows you to fit them to the training needs of each user.

The equipment can be easily combined with each other - so as to create compact and complete sets for professional exercises. This is an excellent choice for those who do more intensive and advanced training on a daily basis.

Technical data
Level of advancement
48 cm
45 cm
125 cm, 148 cm (at 0° angle)
Dimensions of the backrest
81 x 27 cm
Dimensions of the seat
31 x 32 cm
22 kg
Seat adjustment
3 positions: (0°, 14°, 26°)
Backrest adjustment
10 positions (-21° 0° 12° 22° 30° 39° 47° 55° 66° 82°)
Adjustable leg support
4 positions
Maximum load
300 kg
50 x 50 x 2 mm
powder coating
MS-L101 2.0

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Montage super compliqué, qualité je trouve vraiment médiocre, bien mieux chez décathlon pour moins cher. Je suis déçu.
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