Extension column 100cm MFT-A017 - Marbo Sport

Producer: Marbo Sport
Product code: MFT-A017
Extension column 100cm MFT-A017 - Marbo Sport
Extension column 100cm MFT-A017 - Marbo Sport
Extension column 100cm MFT-A017 - Marbo Sport
Extension column 100cm MFT-A017 - Marbo Sport
Extension column 100cm MFT-A017 - Marbo Sport
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The 100cm extension pole MFT-A017 is a structural element in the FT functional training system.

The MFT-A017 pole acts as an extension of the main pole and allows you to construct a rig or cage 100cm higher.

Solutions used

Mounting holes for accessories

Mounting holes with a diameter of 17 mm have been placed at 5 cm intervals. Thanks to the offset of the holes, it is possible to mount accessories perpendicularly with a level difference of only 2.5 cm.

The numerical marking of consecutive holes on the main pole makes it easy and simple to change the level setting of accessories.

Mounting system

Installation of the extension pole is carried out using four mounting screws, so that the device is securely attached to the FT structure.

FT line - professional equipment for functional training

Marbo FT series is a multifunctional commercial equipment, designed for functional training zones in fitness clubs and gyms.

The modular design allows you to customize the cage or rig for each training room, and also allows you to change the configuration and expand the device with additional accessories.

The devices in this series are characterized by a structure based on a durable 80 x 80 mm profile with a wall thickness of 3 mm. The FT system is distinguished by a modern range of colors, thanks to which the equipment of this series will be the decoration of any professional gym!

Technical data
132 cm
8 cm
8 cm
11 kg
Mounting holes for accessories
spacing: 5 cm,
diameter: 17 mm,
perpendicular displacement: 2.5 cm
Construction profile
60 x 60 x 3 mm,
80 x 80 x 3 mm
powder coating
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