2-in-1 pectoral fly - rear deltoid UR-U021 - UpForm

Producer: UpForm
Product code: UR-U021-k2t4 2.0
2-in-1 pectoral fly - rear deltoid UR-U021 - UpForm
2-in-1 pectoral fly - rear deltoid UR-U021 - UpForm
2-in-1 pectoral fly - rear deltoid UR-U021 - UpForm
2-in-1 pectoral fly - rear deltoid UR-U021 - UpForm
2-in-1 pectoral fly - rear deltoid UR-U021 - UpForm
2-in-1 pectoral fly - rear deltoid UR-U021 - UpForm
4 600,00 €
4 600,00 €
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2-in-1 back and chest machine UR-U021 2.0 - UpForm

The 2-in-1 back and chest machine UR-U021 2.0 is a modern station with a weight stack designed so that every user - from beginner to professional athlete - can perform an effective upper body workout. With a maximum weight of 120 kg, an advanced arm and seat adjustment system and perforated padding, our 2-in-1 back machine guarantees unparalleled comfort of movement without sacrificing performance. The multifunctional chest and back machine is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to try out a wide range of exercises on one machine and in a limited space.

It allows you to focus on two different parts of the body - both the chest muscles and the back muscles.

Chest and back machine - 6-stage system for adjusting the arms

Back training or chest training? A special feature of this machine is the precise, 6-stage system for adjusting the arm angle, which enables different types of training. It is sufficient to change the position of each arm and then turn to the front or back of the machine to focus on the desired muscle group.

Seat adjustment - 5 height settings

The UR-U021 2.0 back machine also enables 5-stage height adjustment of the seat. This allows the seat to be adjusted to suit the height of each user, giving them a natural, safe position and maximum range of motion.

Convenient weight adjustment on the machine with weight stack

Our machine with weight stack guarantees quick, intuitive and effortless weight adjustment without having to leave the machine. The stack consists of 16 blocks, each weighing 7.5 kg, giving a total weight of 120 kg!

Modern design of the 2-in-1 machine UR-U021 2.0

The UR-U021 2.0 chest and back machine combines high-quality materials, modern production methods, an outstanding appearance and meticulous workmanship. As a result, the machine remains an ornament to any training room regardless of time and use.

Profiled padding - comfortable training in all conditions

The upholstery of the chest and back machine is perforated. This measure improves air circulation, enables better moisture dissipation during intensive training and extends the service life of the surface.

Stable and robust back machine - gym adapted to your needs

The 2-in-1 back and chest machine is the answer to the needs of beginners and experienced athletes who like to train stably and on their own terms. Its construction is protected against mechanical damage such as scratches, chipping or corrosion. The reliable, quiet and smooth operation of the weight stack, the precisely manufactured base and the ergonomic shape of the seat ensure that every workout takes place in pleasant, comfortable conditions.

Technical data
208,6 cm
146 cm
140,7 cm
5 seat positions,
6 Arm-Positionen
Maximum load
120 kg
16x7,5 kg
291 kg
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