Lat Pulldown UR-U020 2.0 - UpForm

Producer: UpForm
Product code: UR-U020-k2t4 2.0
Lat Pulldown UR-U020 2.0 - UpForm
Lat Pulldown UR-U020 2.0 - UpForm
Lat Pulldown UR-U020 2.0 - UpForm
Lat Pulldown UR-U020 2.0 - UpForm
Lat Pulldown UR-U020 2.0 - UpForm
Lat Pulldown UR-U020 2.0 - UpForm
4 600,00 €
4 600,00 €
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Back machine with weight stack - overhead lat pulldown UR-U020

The UR-U020 weight stack machine with overhead lat pull-down mechanism is a professional device for commercial use. It enables controlled, isolated and effective back training, especially of the upper back muscles. No gym should be without a machine for developing the broad back muscles. We offer a training device that is characterized by stability, durability, attractive design and a wide range of weight and seat adjustments.

Back machine with lat pull-down function - develop the upper back muscles

Developing broad back muscles is not only important for body shape, but also for spinal health and overall body functionality. Regular exercises on the lat pull-down machine help to improve posture, strengthen the back and better distribute the load on the joints and spine, which is particularly important in everyday life.

The UR-U020 back machine is the ideal solution for beginners and advanced users who want to effectively strengthen and build up the upper back muscles. The robust lat pull-down mechanism with reinforced arms isolates the work of the broad back muscles. The controlled range of motion also protects against possible injury and ensures correct execution of the exercise technique.

Steel weight stack with 7.5 kg increments - convenient weight adjustment

Sixteen blocks of 7.5 kg each, giving a maximum weight of 120 kg, allow the workout to be adapted to the user's individual needs. The machine can be used successfully by both advanced and beginners. The simple change of weight with practical weight jumps makes it possible to adapt the training intensity of the back to the fitness level and promote progressive muscle building.

Adjustable seat - adapts to any body shape

Thanks to the adjustable seat, which can be set in five different positions, every user can adapt the machine to their body shape. The lat pull-down with the arms of the machine is easy to perform for both men and women, regardless of body size. This makes back training on the machine not only more comfortable, but also more effective. Adapting the machine to the anatomy of the user also helps to maintain the correct posture and avoid straining the spine.

Sturdy construction - back machine for commercial use

The device weighs 295 kg, which guarantees stable placement on the floor without the risk of shifting or wobbling. High-quality steel with thick profiles ensures a longer service life. Back training on the UR-U020 machine is very easy and the careful workmanship and well thought-out design of the machine allows for all-day, years of intensive use.

Perforated padding - breathable and sweat-absorbent

The training comfort of the upper back muscles is increased by the specially designed perforated padding - ventilated and moisture-absorbing. This construction ensures hygiene and comfort, even during intensive training sessions.

Aesthetics - functional but also elegant design

The UR-U020 back machine is characterized not only by its functionality, but also by its modern and elegant design. The uniform black color and the minimalist design - only the logo and a black and white instruction panel are on the device - ensure that the device fits perfectly into the interiors of all fitness studios.

Technical data
192,4 cm
115 cm
126,8 cm
295 kg
16x7,5 kg
Maximum load
120 kg
5 seat positions
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