Set MS11_2.0 | double-sided adjustable training bench + adjustable stands - Marbo Sport

Producer: Marbo Sport
Product code: MS11_2.0
Set MS11_2.0 | double-sided adjustable training bench + adjustable stands - Marbo Sport
Set MS11_2.0 | double-sided adjustable training bench + adjustable stands - Marbo Sport
Set MS11_2.0 | double-sided adjustable training bench + adjustable stands - Marbo Sport
Double-sided adjustable training bench MS-L102 2.0 - Marbo Sport
Combination stands with belay MS-S104 2.0 - Marbo Sport
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Set contents:

  • Double-sided adjustable training bench MS-L102 2.0
  • Combination stands with belay MS-S104 2.0

Double-sided adjustable training bench MS-L102 2.0

When training with barbells, do you like to have everything under control? Do you care about being able to set the training bench at different angles, including negative ones?

The improved version 2.0 provides even better solutions that allow you to train more effectively, more safely and with maximum comfort.

The Marbo Sport training bench is the perfect addition to your gym - no matter how much space you have to arrange it.

You will appreciate its:

  • high quality workmanship, which translates into stability and ergonomics,
  • the wide range of backrest adjustment - we used two sheet metal burnouts, so we managed to achieve a small stroke, which allows you to set the position precisely. Negative angles are also available!
  • expandable with additional accessories - turn it into a combo for strength and endurance training.

Combination stands with belay MS-S104 2.0

Combination stands MS-S104 2.0 from Marbo Sport is an improved version of the cult accessory for fans of barbell exercises.

Thanks to this design, you will comfortably and safely perform general training with a load - such as deadlifts on straight legs, shrugs with a barbell on the back or lifting forearms while standing in a wide underhand grip. Additional handrails will also allow you to practice dips.

These combination racks with belays are distinguished by:

  • high quality workmanship – reinforced steel construction guarantees stability and safety even during intensive workouts with heavier loads;
  • wide height and spacing adjustment – thanks to it, training is comfortable and tailored to the needs of the exerciser;
  • reliable belay – it allows you to safely start a series of repetitions with the barbell and efficiently put down the barbell, even when you fail to perform a full movement;
  • the possibility of weight storage – on 2 stable bars you can safely place the load you own.

This is a multifunctional accessory, thanks to which you will perform a professional workout also at home.

Semi-Pro 2.0 series - a new generation of bestsellers

Semi-Pro 2.0 is Marbo Sport's new series of equipment and accessories designed for advanced home users.

This is the new edition of the cult Semi-Pro series, in a refreshed and improved version. The well-known quality, ergonomics and stability have been given a new design. Elegant black upholstery combined with subtle details in silver and steel tones and a discreet logo are the essence of modern style.

The machines make a great impression and look extremely professional - they are even more stable, safer and more ergonomic.

The wide range of equipment includes equipment for strength and endurance exercises, with and without weight, shaping various muscle parts. The machines provide precise and wide range of adjustment. This allows you to fit them to the training needs of each user.

The equipment can be easily combined with each other - so as to create compact and complete sets for professional exercises. This is an excellent choice for those who do more intensive and advanced training on a daily basis.

Technical data
Number of stands
Weight plates and bars in set
Level of advancement
Double-sided adjustable training bench MS-L102 2.0
Length: 123 cm, 145 cm (at 0° angle of backrest),
Maximum load: 300 kg,
Material steel,
Profile: 50 x 50 x 2 mm,
Backrest adjustment: 10 positions (-21° 0° 12° 22° 30° 39° 47° 55° 66° 82°),
Seat adjustment: 3 positions: (0°, 10°, 20°),
Width: 65 cm,
Weight: 23,5 kg,
Finnish: powder coating,
Dimensions of the backrest: 81 x 27 cm,
Dimensions of the seat: 30 x 27 cm,
Height: 48 cm
Combination stands with belay MS-S104 2.0
Height max. 152 cm min. 92 cm,
Width max. 160 cm min. 117 cm,
Length 110 cm,
Strap height min: 58 cm max height: 88 cm,
Adjustable spacing 5 levels 72cm , 83cm, 94cm, 104cm, 114cm,
Stand height adjustment: 7 levels belay: 7 levels,
Weight 35 kg,
Maximum load 300 kg,
Profiles 50 x 50 x 2 mm,
Material steel,
Powder coating finish,
Type of stands combined
Marbo Sport

Marbo was founded over 40 years ago in Starachowice. We started with the production of simple equipment for home gyms, to constantly increase the range and quality of products together with the experience gained. Today we are the leading manufacturer of bodybuilding equipment in Poland, offering world-class equipment. We have built a brand and gained experience that obliges.

Bodybuilding is our passion, and by combining it with modern machinery, we are able to provide the highest quality equipment, made with attention to detail, and above all with your comfort and safety in mind.

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