External ladder + pull-up bar with bag holder MO-Z4 - Marbo Sport

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Product code: MO-Z4
External ladder + pull-up bar with bag holder MO-Z4 - Marbo Sport
External ladder + pull-up bar with bag holder MO-Z4 - Marbo Sport
External ladder + pull-up bar with bag holder MO-Z4 - Marbo Sport
External ladder + pull-up bar with bag holder MO-Z4 - Marbo Sport
External ladder + pull-up bar with bag holder MO-Z4 - Marbo Sport
External ladder + pull-up bar with bag holder MO-Z4 - Marbo Sport
External ladder + pull-up bar with bag holder MO-Z4 - Marbo Sport
External ladder + pull-up bar with bag holder MO-Z4 - Marbo Sport
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In a set

Strength training in the open air? Now it's possible! Work your upper body muscles the way you like in your own outdoor gym. In the garden, on the allotment - you decide.

The MO-Z4 set from the OUTDOOR series by Marbo Sport will allow you to plan a comprehensive workout and perform it safely on reliable equipment.

This is a design that stands out for:

  • excellent workmanship – solid metal profiles and additional reinforcements made of thick sheet metal guarantee stability for years;
  • versatility – pull yourself up on the bar, perform dips on the handrails or suspend your favorite boxing bag. You can do it all on one structure;
  • modular construction – expand it with additional elements and create the gym you've always dreamed of.

Get in shape outdoors. Perform body weight exercises safely and comfortably.

Note: the boxing bag is not part of the set.
You can put a wide range of accessories on the hook - both for fun and for professional sports training. Independently choose the elements you want to use when using this structure.

One structure - many uses

The outdoor ladder is an ideal accessory for lovers of calisthenics. You will perform both strength and endurance exercises on it, as well as training to increase your sense of balance and coordination.

Children will also benefit from it - it's a great place for active outdoor play!

As much as 226 cm high and the presence of horizontal and vertical rungs. On the horizontal rungs you can, for example, pull yourself up or perform dips - strengthening the musculature of the upper body. The vertical ones are great for, among other things:

  • performing warm-ups before training and stretching,
  • simple general development exercises, such as hangs, squats, etc.,
  • corrective exercises for posture defects in children, such as bends and backbends,
  • performing push-ups,
  • ... and in many other ways.

It's great exercise inspiration for anyone - regardless of age or physical condition. And it makes you want to move!

The perfect design for dips

Dips are an important part of your daily workout? Or do you want to include them in your set of exercises? Now you can do it!

The design has been enhanced with sturdy dip bars. They are placed at the optimal height for exercise and provide a comfortable grip.

Pull-up bar - build upper body strength

The bar is placed at a height of 225 cm and provides a comfortable grip. This allows you to perform a wide range of strength and exercise exercises for the muscles of the upper body. This is a solution for both beginners and advanced users!

Practice for example:

  • classic pull-ups,
  • pull-ups in a loose overhang,
  • pull-ups with constant tension,
  • dynamic pull-ups,
  • pull-ups with weight,
  • mixed grip pull-ups,
  • L-position pull-ups.

Strengthen your back and shoulder muscles and develop correct posture and body shape. Just the way you like it - safely and according to your body's capabilities.

Hook for a punching bag/rope

Do you practice with a punching bag at home? Great! Now you can also do it outdoors. The included universal hook will allow you to do so. You can easily hang your favorite bag or other additional accessory - such as a climbing rope - on it.

Both assembly and disassembly are simple and quick. Thus, you will expressly prepare your exercise space according to your needs.

Stable and solid construction

The high quality of the metal alloy used in the profiles and the precision of the connections of the elements is not everything. In addition, we used reinforcements at the joints. This makes the structure even more stable and safer.

As a result, this training device can withstand a load of up to 110 kg. Exercise without worry!

Anchoring with concreting - a guarantee of stability

The stability of the entire structure largely depends on the type of ground and the quality of its installation in this ground. Before installation, it is necessary to examine the ground and choose the appropriate method of anchoring the pillars to its type.

To get the best result, we recommend embedding the pillars of the structure in the ground at a depth of at least 37 cm and later concreting them - the minimum dimensions of the foundation are 25x25x60 cm.

Such a solution will provide you with maximum stability, even during very intense exercises - regardless of the nature of the ground.

OUTDOOR line - an outdoor gym for everyone

Marbo OUTDOOR is a series for people who want to create an outdoor gym tailored to their training needs - professional or amateur - as well as an outdoor recreation space for the whole family. This equipment will work perfectly in the garden, on an allotment or other green space.

The modularity of the system makes it possible for everyone to compose their own set of equipment for exercise and recreation. The basic element of this series is a multifunctional ladder - a self-contained structure that inspires adults and children to spend time actively. It can be expanded with additional elements that broaden the possibilities for training and play - according to your own needs.

Elements of the OUTDOOR series combine uncompromising quality and precision workmanship. They were created on the basis of solid structural profiles and tubes to ensure full safety of use for years.

Special reinforcements made of thick sheet metal increase the strength and stability of the structure. The system can be easily fixed by anchoring in the ground. The posts can also be optionally concreted - according to your preferences. Exercising outdoors has never been easier!

Technical data
Maximum load
110 kg
63,4 kg
Construction profiles
pipe D30x2,
profil 40x40x1,5
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