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Leg Extention UR-U036 - UpForm

Producer: UpForm
Product code: UR-U036-k2t4 2.0
Leg Extention UR-U036 - UpForm
Leg Extention UR-U036 - UpForm
Leg Extention UR-U036 - UpForm
Leg Extention UR-U036 - UpForm
Leg Extention UR-U036 - UpForm
Leg Extention UR-U036 - UpForm
4 600,00 €
4 600,00 €
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UR-U036 machine by UpForm for training quadriceps muscles is an excellent tool for strengthening and improving muscle function. Through regular exercise, you can improve the stability and strength of your legs, as well as increase their endurance. This machine can also help treat certain injuries and ailments. Regular training of the quadriceps muscles can also improve balance and increase joint range of motion, which in turn can help improve your posture.

4 levels of backrest adjustment

The backrest can be adjusted by attaching a convenient knob. The whole system works smoothly and easily, so with one hand movement you can adjust the position of the backrest to your height so that your workout is as comfortable as possible for you.

Leg flexion angle adjustment in 10 levels

Adjusting the angle of leg flexion in as many as 10 degrees is an excellent and versatile solution that offers a wide range of possibilities - everyone can adjust the machine's setting to their own preferences without the slightest problem. This is possible by using a knob with which to lock the angle of your choice in the machine.

4 levels of leg length position adjustment

The machine uses up to 4 levels of leg length position adjustment to help you find the right fit that will make your workout comfortable and effective.

Changing the load through the stack

The stack of the UR-U036 machine consists of 16 bars, each weighing 7.5 kg. The use of a load stack makes changing the weight extremely easy, convenient and can be done without having to get down from the machine. The maximum load is 120 kg.

Elegant design

Innovation and elegance together form the timeless design of UpForm's R-Line series of products. The whole thing has been thought through at every stage, from design to production, to ultimately offer a top-notch product.

Durable perforated upholstery

The upholstery is resistant to sweat and abrasion. Its quality and reliability is greatly enhanced by perforation, which improves moisture wicking, so you are sure to stay dry and fresh even after an intense workout.

Stable construction

The structure of the product has been powder-coated in black. Sturdy 3mm thick profiles have been used, which ensures the stability of the entire structure.

Technical data
141,3 cm
116,0 cm
147,1 cm
292 kg
16x7,5 kg
Maximum load
120 kg
4 positions of the backrest,
10 positions of leg flexion angle,
4 leg length positions
125x60x3 mm,
pipe 60,3x3,2 mm
Transmission ratio